Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Morning Glories and Magic Lilies 020716 12x12

Seems when I shoot progress shots while working on a painting in the studio at night, they come out slightly blurry!  I debate whether it is better to show a blurry pix that some may get a small benefit from or leave them out!  I guess this time, I'll include them.  After all, I often paint sans glasses so it is all blurry to me!  Ha!

As usual, I start with a tinted panel and sketch out the basic layout of the scene and start blocking in the darks.
I wanted to include a large tumble of morning glories that I use to disguise an ugly electrical box next to the deck along with the magic lilies, hollyhocks, and goldfish pool.
Henry decided to take a nap on the second shelf of my taboret.  Such a cutie at the moment - but he can be a little rascal!  Sometimes he tries to take a nap on the top shelf when my palette is full of paint!  He hates paint on his paws and jumps right down, sometimes leaving a trail of paw prints all over the studio! 
After blocking in most of the greenery, ground, and background, I start adding the flowers, wet into wet.
Working the entire surface at the same time, I pop in flowers and vines and branches, background, foreground, back and forth.  Small details like the centers of the morning glories and ripples of wind on the goldfish pool are added and the painting finalized.
Here is the final painting, Morning Glories and Magic Lilies, 020716 12x12.  

Thanks for following along!  

Happy Trails!


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