Sunday, August 13, 2017

Haan Mansion Museum Reception, August 4, 2017

Two of my plein air oil paintings were accepted into the juried show, The Many Faces of Indiana Art, held at the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art in Lafayette, Indiana.

"Blizzard Snow, January 3, 2013", plein air oil on panel, 18" x 24", by Charlene Marsh
 "Blizzard Snow" in the museum, in a bedroom.
Me with the painting, "Blizzard Snow", in a bedroom of the Haan Mansion Museum.  Don't you just love the early 20th century wallpaper?

 "Spring in the Forest, April 19, 2017", plein air oil on panel, 16" x 12", by Charlene Marsh


"Spring in the Forest" (far right) hanging in the "billiards room" with quilts on display on the pool table in the middle of the room.


The Mansion was originally the State of Connecticut building at the 1904 Saint Louis World's Fair and was designed to be dismantled and moved after the Fair.  Mr. and Mrs. William Potter moved the mansion to Lafayette, Indiana and lived in it until Bob and Ellie Haan bought it in 1982.  The Haans lived in the mansion until 2015 when they donated the home to the museum and opened it to the public.


This is the second floor where you can see and hear down to the first floor from the balcony.  Mrs. Haan commented that it was a great home to raise a family in and everyone was able to feel connected throughout the home due to the open balcony.  The chandelier is original to the mansion.  The Haans were careful to maintain the mansion in it's original form.

Mr. and Mrs. Haan love and collect early, historic Indiana art and the walls are filled with fabulous T.C. Steeles, Otto Starks, Ada and Adolph Schultzs, Otis Adams, Will Vawters and more from the Hoosier Group of artists.  They also collect American ceramics, sculpture, and Renaissance Revival furniture from 1860-1890 which all filled their home and, now, museum.  The collections are fabulous and worth a trip from anywhere.

Bob Haan (left) and Ellie Haan (next to him, right) address the crowd assembled for the reception on August 4, 2017.  Mr. Haan had a short essay questioning the meaning and differences between "art" and "craft" before going around and introducing the exhibiting artists.
 Me with some fabulous paintings and furniture!
 Local artist, Dan Annarino, studying one of the paintings on exhibit.
Painter and Sculptor, Jeff Klinker(right), in a spirited discussion with visitors during the reception. 
A lovely evening in an incredible museum.  Visit for more information and to plan your visit.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Monroe Lake Paynetown Beach Painting Demo, 080517 12x12 #2

This is the second painting I did as part of my Arts in the Parks painting demonstration project at Monroe Lake Paynetown beach on August 5, 2017, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  The second painting ran over the time slot but I wanted to finish the painting so kept working.  You can read about the first painting HERE.

I started with an initial sketch using a brush dipped in cold pressed linseed oil and the magenta pigment which is a transparent color.
Then I blocked in the dark line of trees.  I mixed the sandy color using Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light and Medium and Titanium White.  I also mixed a violet, the complementary color of yellow, using Primary Red-Magenta and Cerulean Blue, and used the violet to tone down the sand color and add shadows.


Then I added the sky and water.  Once the ground was painted in, I dashed in the tents and people on the beach.

You can see the rich glow on the parchment paper palette.  Most paper palettes are made with a waxy paper that just doesn't work for me.  Scrapping the palette with my palette knives eventually leads to bits of wax coming off into the paint.  UGH!

The final painting:
"Monroe Lake Paynetown Beach, August 5, 2017", plein air oil on panel, 12" x 12", c. 2017, by Charlene Marsh.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Monroe Lake Paynetown Painting Demonstration, 080517 12x16 #1

This painting demo at Monroe Lake Paynetown beach six miles from Bloomington, Indiana was sponsored and funded by the Indiana Arts Commission and held in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in partnership with the property as part of the "Arts in the Parks" program.  

I arrived at the Paynetown beach around 11:30 a.m. and scoped out the area and decided where to set up for my demo.  The best vantage point was up at the Nature and Activity Center overlooking the beach with the trees on the opposite side.  The location would also be a high traffic area for maximum exposure and, as an added bonus, there were some benches nearby for visitors to sit on.  However, several visitors who came just for the demo brought their own folding chairs. 
I set up some of the plein air gear like my backpack, wet panel carriers, and tubes of paint on a table for visitors to study.  I also had a couple of cards so visitors could see some finished paintings.
I got set up and started the first painting, a 12" x 16", promptly at 1:00 p.m. starting with the initial sketch using a brush dipped in oil and a bit of pigment.  Then I started painting in the dark values before blocking in the sandy beach, lake, and sky.
After the basics were blocked in, I started popping in the tents and people that populated the beach and frolicked in the water.
Some of the visitors who came out for the demo.
The painting with the scene in the background.

Dr. Tony Lubarsky and me at the end of the demo.  

Tony sent me this photo and the action shot of me painting(above) with the following note:  

"Twenty years ago you were my first oil instructor. I was the only one using palette knife because you said we can use anything we wanted. I loved palette knife painting. But then you watched me for a while and said: Tony, no body paints straight from the tube! I was mixing right on the canvas."  

Ha!  When I got his note, I remembered that conversation.  I'm real big on mixing beautiful colors using complementary color systems so I was no doubt cringing with all the "tube colors"  going straight on the canvas.  
"Monroe Lake Paynetown Beach, August 5, 2017", plein air oil painting on panel, 12" x 16", c. 2017 by Charlene Marsh.

Stay tuned for the second painting I did as part of the demo.

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