Monday, August 26, 2013

I got back from the Port Clinton Art Festival early this morning.  The show was very high quality and a pleasure to be included.  I could write about the show and all the great artwork and artists but what weighed heavy on my heart this evening as I walked in the woods was the saber rattling and impending attack on Syria by the war mongers.  

Syria, a world away from Brown County, so why should I care?  I care because I see the great evil unfolding.  I care that my hard earned money made from creating and selling beautiful fine art is going to fund these attacks.  Syria has done nothing to me or my neighbors or the USA. 

The evidence points to the Syrian rebels launching the chemical attacks, NOT the Assad regime. 

President Assad is being accused of using chemical weapons on his own people and this is what he says about that:

"This is nonsense," Assad was quoted as saying in an interview published Monday. "First they level the accusations, and only then they start collecting evidence."
Assad said that attacking such an area with chemical weapons would not make sense for the government as there was no clear frontline between regime and rebel forces.
"How can the government use chemical weapons, or any other weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its troops are situated?" he said. "This is not logical. That's why these accusations are politically motivated, and a recent string of victories of the government forces is the reason for it."

I have to ask, "Who stands to benefit from such a chemical attack?  Who has used chemicals in the past on innocent, civilian populations?"  Certainly, Assad does not stand to benefit from such an attack as he is already being widely condemned and threatened despite the lack of any evidence he is responsible for the gas attack.

The USA has used chemicals in the most despicable way from using Agent Orange on the Vietnamese and dropping Depleted Uranium on Iraq causing long term birth defects and health issues and environment destruction with no regard for the native populations.   The USA regime claims they need to bomb the hell out of Syria "for the children", utterly destroying their civilization and whatever quality of life they would have had.

And, to really top it off, we are funding and arming the Al Qaeda terrorists fighting the Syrian regime, creating chaos, and who are beheading Christians and burning churches throughout the Middle East.  

John McCain met with one Al Qaeda terrorist who, one month later, was videotaped cutting out and eating a Christian's heart. 


These are the terrorists our government is supporting with our tax dollars!!!

For millennium, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have lived peacefully together in the region and only now, after violent extremists have been armed and supported by our government, they are causing great instability in the region.  The globalist/banker/military/industrial complex that has usurped our government benefits from creating ongoing war and destruction throughout the world to lead us towards World War III with Russia and China and creating the One World Order they desire to see in place so that they can control every person on the planet.   
Our money and energies are going to fund and support these actions which are crimes against humanity.  The time is now for good people to stand up against this evil.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people and for the citizens of the USA and the citizens of the world.  May God help us.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Milwaukee Domes.
I just got back from a show at the Milwaukee Domes in Wisconsin.  An incredible location for an art show!  Three large, geodesic domes housed various habitats.  One featured tropical plants, a second, desert plants, and then a third, called the Show Dome, was available to rent.  The City of Milwaukee was building new greenhouses behind the Domes for starting plants to beautify the city.  Along with the art fair, sixteen professional, plein air painters were invited to paint throughout the grounds and their paintings were then exhibited under a large tent on panels.  Made me really itch to get out and paint!

Milwaukee Domes water feature.

A drama unfolding on my cooler pack at the back of my booth was a cicada emerging from the nymphal skin!  Too cool!  Here he is coming out of the nymphal skin with his wings all tightly folded up.

Cicada emerging from exoskeleton.

Here his wings have expanded.  Over time, they darkened and he eventually flew away.  All this happened over the course of the afternoon while I tended my booth.

Cicada fully emerged out of the exoskeleton.

Here is a pictorial documentation of the entire process:  Cicada Emerging 

The book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, advises paying attention to the messages that animals bring to us, especially when there are multiple appearances in a short span of time.  Seeing the three snakes in three days and a shed snake skin as well as the emerging cicada, all within a week's time, got me to pondering metamorphosis and transformation.  I read where the cicada can take 2-5 years for its metamorphosis from ground dweller nymph to full fledged flying adult.  And on the drive home I thought about this process of shedding an old body, old beliefs, old restrictions and flying free, higher than ever.  These events represent the inevitability of change, of outgrowing our circumstances.  Metamorphosis is the magic of change that ensures growth.  With insects, the final expression is usually with wings.  The keynote for the snake according to Animal Speak is Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, and Wisdom.  Both the cicada and the snake go through a death and rebirth cycle as they outgrow the old.  I have to ponder how does this affect my life?  What changes do I need to make to better create the life I want and fulfill God's plan for my life?   Am I on the right path or do I need to make some adjustments?  Where does my heart want to go?  What is my heart's desire which is God's desire for my life?  What do I need to shed to emerge in a new, better form?  What do I need to shed to fly high?  How can I transform my life to better reflect where I need to go?  

Change, which can be difficult, forces creation which is essential to the life of an artist. Better to make changes in an easy, flowing way than wait for life to force change upon us. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Enough snakes already!  I am sure you are ready to see some artwork!  Here is a brand new still life, an oil painting called "Lilies and White Coneflowers, July 29, 2013".  One of my collectors came to the Summer Open House on July 27, 2013 and brought me this absolutely stunning bouquet!   I just had to paint it!  Very inspiring!  The painting is 20" h. x 16" w. and done with palette knives on a panel.    I am going to frame it later tonight and think either a lovely silver or mahogany frame would work on it.  I'll try both and see what will complement it best.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this gorgeous painting.   Please use the Inventory Code #072913 20x16 so I know exactly what painting you are interested in. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Snakes Alive!  Another snake!  Thankfully, not a copper.  I have a pile of pine wood chips and peels of pine bark and was using the bark pieces to mat down grass and create a new bed for lettuces.  Ever cautious that snakes live in woodpiles, I found this guy in a knot of wood when I lifted his "ceiling".  After I took this picture, I put the bark back on top of him, leaving him undisturbed.  

We had a nice thunderstorm with heavy rain last evening.  My baby lettuces are happy as is the rest of the garden.  All this rain means more mowing!  I worked on clearing out the fence line along the driveway that has been blocking the view of the studio/gallery building.  The woodpile (12+ ricks!) I moved a couple days ago was the first step.  Weeds and vines and even a small treeling had really grown up this summer in the narrow space between the woodpile and the fence.  When I stacked the wood there this past winter it really bugged me that it blocked the studio/gallery building but had little choice at the time.  The wood was delivered shortly after the Christmas night blizzard and there was no way to put it anywhere else at the time.  Once I get all this cleared out, I can plant some beautiful flowers to welcome visitors.  Much better feng shui than a massive pile of wood and weeds!

I checked the watermelon patch this morning and am thrilled at all the watermelons coming on!  One of my absolute favorites in the summer!  The cantaloupes and cucumbers are producing nicely as well, climbing up the trellises I made for them.  Think I'll go vertical next year with the watermelon.  The zucchini squash is so prolific I put some out by the road with a FREE sign for my neighbors who may not have a garden. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Small garden snake found in woodpile.

Lots of excitement on the farm the past couple of days!  On Tuesday I moved 12+ ricks of stacked wood out of the driveway to open up the view to the gallery/studio building.  I was aware that there was likely a snake in the wood since I had already spotted a shedded snakeskin on the top.  As I moved through the pile, I came across a cute, little blue skink, a big, brown skink, and a small, harmless, garden variety snake.  He was pencil thin and maybe one foot long.

Copperhead found while moving woodpile.
At one point, I pulled a piece of wood off the pile and there lay a copperhead!  I don't need any help identifying this big guy!  I got bit by one on Friday the thirteenth, in July, 2007 and was laid up for two months!  Needless to say, I was being very cautious with this guy in the mix.  He kept moving deeper into the pile and I would pay attention to where he moved.  I uncovered him again and again until the pile was down to about six pieces of wood with him on top.  I almost felt sorry for him losing his cushy shelter in a perfect mouse habitat.  I thought of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the Wicked Witch of the West was shrinking and screeching, "I'm Melting...My World, My World"

Luckily, I kept my distance and he was not inclined to become aggressive which I have heard some coppers can become.  He eventually moved on and I was able to move the last six pieces of wood. 
Then on Wednesday, while cleaning the horse stalls, we were swarmed by hornets that attacked! I suffered multiple bee stings and ran from the barn, throwing down the rakes.  The horses began bucking and raring and generally going wild!  I finally managed to get the horses and rakes out of the stalls and shut up the barn.  I had to quickly clean out a side lean-to so the horses would have shelter and a place to eat their hay.  

Later, after the hornets had quieted down, I crept into the barn stalls and inspected the walls for a hive.  I found the opening of the hive through a crack in the wood planks that appeared to be built between a double kick wall.  Later that night, after dark, I suited up in multiple layers of clothing and ventured back with a can of hornet spray.  I have an organic farm at the side of the state forest so it is a very clean and pristine environment.  I NEVER use any chemicals in the house, gardens, barn, and land - except - when dealing with a hornet hive which I had to do on one other occasion a few years back.  I have heard several stories this summer of horses being killed by bee stings and I am not going to take a chance with the the horses.  Or people! 

By this morning, the hornets were gone and I was able to open up the barn and let the horses back in for their breakfast.