Monday, August 26, 2013

I got back from the Port Clinton Art Festival early this morning.  The show was very high quality and a pleasure to be included.  I could write about the show and all the great artwork and artists but what weighed heavy on my heart this evening as I walked in the woods was the saber rattling and impending attack on Syria by the war mongers.  

Syria, a world away from Brown County, so why should I care?  I care because I see the great evil unfolding.  I care that my hard earned money made from creating and selling beautiful fine art is going to fund these attacks.  Syria has done nothing to me or my neighbors or the USA. 

The evidence points to the Syrian rebels launching the chemical attacks, NOT the Assad regime. 

President Assad is being accused of using chemical weapons on his own people and this is what he says about that:

"This is nonsense," Assad was quoted as saying in an interview published Monday. "First they level the accusations, and only then they start collecting evidence."
Assad said that attacking such an area with chemical weapons would not make sense for the government as there was no clear frontline between regime and rebel forces.
"How can the government use chemical weapons, or any other weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its troops are situated?" he said. "This is not logical. That's why these accusations are politically motivated, and a recent string of victories of the government forces is the reason for it."

I have to ask, "Who stands to benefit from such a chemical attack?  Who has used chemicals in the past on innocent, civilian populations?"  Certainly, Assad does not stand to benefit from such an attack as he is already being widely condemned and threatened despite the lack of any evidence he is responsible for the gas attack.

The USA has used chemicals in the most despicable way from using Agent Orange on the Vietnamese and dropping Depleted Uranium on Iraq causing long term birth defects and health issues and environment destruction with no regard for the native populations.   The USA regime claims they need to bomb the hell out of Syria "for the children", utterly destroying their civilization and whatever quality of life they would have had.

And, to really top it off, we are funding and arming the Al Qaeda terrorists fighting the Syrian regime, creating chaos, and who are beheading Christians and burning churches throughout the Middle East.  

John McCain met with one Al Qaeda terrorist who, one month later, was videotaped cutting out and eating a Christian's heart. 


These are the terrorists our government is supporting with our tax dollars!!!

For millennium, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have lived peacefully together in the region and only now, after violent extremists have been armed and supported by our government, they are causing great instability in the region.  The globalist/banker/military/industrial complex that has usurped our government benefits from creating ongoing war and destruction throughout the world to lead us towards World War III with Russia and China and creating the One World Order they desire to see in place so that they can control every person on the planet.   
Our money and energies are going to fund and support these actions which are crimes against humanity.  The time is now for good people to stand up against this evil.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people and for the citizens of the USA and the citizens of the world.  May God help us.

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