Friday, August 9, 2013

Snakes Alive!  Another snake!  Thankfully, not a copper.  I have a pile of pine wood chips and peels of pine bark and was using the bark pieces to mat down grass and create a new bed for lettuces.  Ever cautious that snakes live in woodpiles, I found this guy in a knot of wood when I lifted his "ceiling".  After I took this picture, I put the bark back on top of him, leaving him undisturbed.  

We had a nice thunderstorm with heavy rain last evening.  My baby lettuces are happy as is the rest of the garden.  All this rain means more mowing!  I worked on clearing out the fence line along the driveway that has been blocking the view of the studio/gallery building.  The woodpile (12+ ricks!) I moved a couple days ago was the first step.  Weeds and vines and even a small treeling had really grown up this summer in the narrow space between the woodpile and the fence.  When I stacked the wood there this past winter it really bugged me that it blocked the studio/gallery building but had little choice at the time.  The wood was delivered shortly after the Christmas night blizzard and there was no way to put it anywhere else at the time.  Once I get all this cleared out, I can plant some beautiful flowers to welcome visitors.  Much better feng shui than a massive pile of wood and weeds!

I checked the watermelon patch this morning and am thrilled at all the watermelons coming on!  One of my absolute favorites in the summer!  The cantaloupes and cucumbers are producing nicely as well, climbing up the trellises I made for them.  Think I'll go vertical next year with the watermelon.  The zucchini squash is so prolific I put some out by the road with a FREE sign for my neighbors who may not have a garden. 

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