Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Robin of the year!  Harbinger of Spring!  We are still in the depths of winter with very chilly temperatures so seeing this little guy this morning drinking from the goldfish pool where I keep a heater, was a real treat.  Yesterday, four Eastern Bluebirds were drinking from the goldfish pool and a lovely sight. 

I went out to paint yesterday and temperatures were bitterly cold.  My fingers were freezing!  I had to keep blowing on them to keep from getting frostbite.  My feet, inside the new Extreme Arctic Sport Boots, were surprisingly comfortable.  Now if I could just find a good set of gloves to wear outside while painting!  The paint was stiff and hard to mix but the quality of the paint going on the panel has a very unique, rich effect only possible when painting outside in the winter. 

I am waiting for the arrival of a new Kelty backpack for my pochade and other plein air equipment.  I got one in about a week ago but it was too small for the pochade.  The backpack I have been using for years is just too big.  The shoulder/arm straps are too long and tilt the pack away from my back putting pressure on various Trigger Points that create a great deal of back pain that has only been getting worse over the years, ever since a sledding accident where I smashed into a tree hitting my back at about fifty miles an hour.  Ouch. 

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