Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great Blue Herons

I had to run into Bloomington today to pick up paintings from the Venue Gallery to take to my next show.  I was sitting at a stoplight near the College Mall when I spotted a Great Blue Heron flying overhead.  Seemed so unusual to spot one over the city like that!  They are so elegant and exotic and very distinctive with their curved neckline and long legs trailing behind.  I always think that seeing one is very auspicious.  Then, while walking in the forest later in the afternoon, I spied another one flying overhead!  Two herons in one day!  Most auspicious! 

The heron is one of my totem animals.  After all, the heron is a wader bird, king of the marsh!  Herons represent self determination and self reliance.  Heron people follow their own path and have a seemingly unstructured life lacking stability and security.  Heron people have a variety of skills that they can call upon and use to their advantage.  Heron people are unique and non-traditional and must listen to their own intuitive understanding to determine their best path rather than listen to "logical" advice from others.  Heron people need a wide range of skills and knowledge to stay interested and engaged.  The world is wide open to be explored!

The legs of the heron symbolize balance and independence as they balance on one thin leg while stalking their prey in shallow and deeper waters.  The heron, a lone hunter, must be able to stand on it's own.  Even though it's legs are thin, they are sturdy enough to support and sustain the heron.

As I prepare to start my show season with my first big show of the year in Houston, Texas next weekend, I take comfort in the message from the herons.  I have butterflies in my stomach as I feel both fear and excitement.  I have never been to Houston, never even been to Texas, and have never been to this show.  So much potential - potential for good and potential for problems.  But the herons remind me that I am up to the task, with the help and grace of God.

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