Friday, March 28, 2014

Quiet Zone, Green Bank, West Virginia

Thanks to everyone who attended the Spring Open House and Weekend Exhibition last weekend!  The weather was lovely and a great time to get out.  I had a big bouquet of rubrum lilies that filled the studio/gallery with it's fragrant perfume. 

Spring continues to be very late this year.  I've only seen one or two crocuses in bloom.  The daffodils are just starting to push up through the soil and none are in bloom yet.  The temps have only topped seventy degrees once so far this year!  Mostly staying in the thirties, forties, and low fifties.  Yesterday was rainy with a cold, stiff wind and thunder and lightning - just as I was heading out to walk the dogs, of course!  Brrrrr.....

Just got sidetracked with a call from some folks wanting to come visit the studio/gallery.  They found a painting online and wanted to see it in person before purchasing.  I have been working on the online marketing over the winter and it seems to be paying off.  I set up my website in 1997 - I saw the writing on the wall and the direction the wind was blowing - but was then left twiddling my thumbs for the next fifteen years, unable to get any high speed internet out here in the sticks.  

Most people seemed to have no concept that there is NO INTERNET service out here.  Try cable, DSL, wireless, and on and on, they would say.  I tried a satellite company - twice.  Neither time worked.  I tried Verizon wireless multiple times but never got it to work.  I even had a technie friend accuse me of intentionally not "letting" it work and he vowed to get something up and running for me.  Six months later, he gave up and apologized to me, agreeing that nothing would work out here.  

To be honest, I am secretly happy there is no wifi penetrating my organic farm.  I heard of a place called Green Bank, West Virginia that is a "Quiet Zone" where no cell towers or wifi or radio are allowed so as to not interfere with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  They still have phone booths in town.  People are not connected all the time like the rest of the world.  Cell phones simply don't work.  I think I would like Green Bank.  I am beginning to feel like I am the last person on the planet without a smartphone, still using a landline to make and receive calls.  And I really do not want one.  I am not even sure it would work out here but I guess they keep putting up more and more cell towers so it might work by now.  The shows seem to expect the exhibitors to be online 24/7 and send last minute emails I won't get until I arrive back home later in the week. 

Anyway, a new satellite service came out about a year and a half ago and it works beautifully out here!  I LOVE it!  But I am way behind the curve and have been playing catch up ever since.  I guess it would work with a "hotspot" but I really don't want the wireless wifi in my home.  I worry about the effect of all these electromagnetic waves have on the bio-electricmagnetic human body.  I read somewhere once that the trees resonant at the same vibrational frequency as the natural human body.  I think that is why I love being in and painting the woods so much.  Deep in the forest, there are no electromagnetic waves or radiation waves and it just feels so good.  The trees help realign our bodies with our natural frequency.  Even in the house, there is the electric smog and I won't even get started on the smart(dumb)meters.  Save that for another day.

I am afraid that someday - soon - finding that Quiet Zone is going to be impossible short of a trip to Green Bank, West Virgina.  I may be packing my bags. 

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