Monday, December 14, 2015

Poppies 112215 S 12x12

I start the painting on a panel tinted with naphthol crimson and sketch the basic elements using a brush dipped in linseed oil and a cerulean and magenta mix.  I use a very limited palette when I paint and will cover that in another blog.

I paint 99% with a palette knife once the initial sketch is drawn.  The knife is great for mixing colors and applying the paint to the panel.  The panel provides a sturdy support for the vigorous knife work. 

I paint in the dark shapes first then the bright pure color of the flowers.

I cover the entire support with the basic colors and values before I go back in with details and fine tuning.

I add the final details and pull out any foreground elements.  The final painting:  Poppies, #112215 S 12x12, oil on panel.

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