Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Falling Snow on Valentine's Day 021416 12x12

Bitter cold, 21 degrees("real feel" even lower), with snow falling when I headed out to the forest to paint.  I took my umbrella to try to keep the snow off of my palette and panel.  I failed.  Snow still fell on my palette and the frozen crystals mixed with the paint giving the finished painting a certain authentic quality that could not be created in the studio.  Snow on the painting surface creates a very unique crystal effect that cannot be duplicated.
Kendra and I getting set up, again standing in the creek.  The snow is coming down quite heavily at times.
The water in the creek is the darkest dark in the whole scene so I start with that.  I use Ultramarine Blue with some Cadmium Red medium with a bit of yellow to make a dark, rusty green for the creek bed.
You can see from the pictures that I was in tight quarters with the creek bank directly behind where I was standing making it impossible to step back. Snow piles up on my umbrella.
 Here's how the painting looks under the umbrella near the end of the session.
And here, below, is the finished painting.  The colors are very delicate and hard to really capture in a photograph.  The paint surface and thick, crystallized paint is hard if not impossible, to see in a photo.  A photo is a pale shadow of the actual painting!  I guess that is why I am so passionate about REAL artwork!
"Falling Snow on Valentine's Day", 021416 12x12, oil on panel, by Charlene Marsh.

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