Monday, June 27, 2016

061616 Summertime at the Pool

Busy day at the pool!  Hot and sunny!  Lots of action!  This painting was done at the Olympic size pool at the Brown County State Park(Indiana) as part of the Arts in the Park project grant I received celebrating the bicentennial of the state.

I tend to set up and get to painting and things move so fast, I forget to shoot any photos of the progress of the painting.

So here is the painting in situ.  People move a lot so I am often just capturing a gesture, a movement, a head bobble.  

I absolutely love the brilliant sunlight and crystal blue sky and pool but sunburn is one of my greatest challenges!  I wear a long sleeve shirt, hat, and full shoes (tops of feet are very tender!) and often still get burned on some little nook or cranny that the sun finds. 

Here is the finished painting.  "Summertime at the Pool, June 16, 2016", plein air oil, 12" x 12", by Charlene Marsh.

Have a great summer!

Happy Trails!


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