Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shows Shows Shows!

June has been a busy month with three shows in a row.  The first was the Webster Groves Art Fair on the west side of Saint Louis, then off to Hinsdale west of Chicago, and then to the Art Fair on the Square in Bloomington.  Shows are always a blast to do!  I love meeting art patrons and artists, seeing old friends, both artists and collectors, exhibiting my new paintings, and being able to enjoy some fabulous art from all over the country.  

I have done Webster Groves for several years now and love everything about this show.   Most of all, the beautiful setting.  I mean, how gorgeous is this setting?

Webster Groves Art Fair, 2017.  My booth is on the far left.
  This was my first time at the beautiful Hinsdale Art Fair.  The keyword for Hinsdale is TRAINS!  The show is set in a park next to the train tracks and trains including freight trains, tanker trains, Metra trains(to Chicago), and Amtrak trains passed every five minutes -- sometimes two-three trains in quick succession.  I don't think I have ever seen so many trains in my life!  I was totally fascinated with the whole operation.  I began to understand my Grandfather's love of trains.  Hinsdale is a lovely, historic community with fabulous architecture.  Founded in 1873, Hinsdale is listed in the top 1% of wealthiest towns in Illinois.

Finally, I returned once again to the Art Fair on the Square in Bloomington, Indiana, a local show for me.  Favoring to stay closer to home, I turned down two other shows the same weekend to do this one.  Bloomington is sleepier in the summer when the university empties out but there was, nonetheless, a steady stream of engaged art collectors throughout this one day show.  

The only down side to three shows in a row means no time to paint!  But I am back in the studio now and back to work.

Thanks for following along!

Happy Trails!



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