Friday, May 6, 2016

032816 S 12x12 Poppies and Purple Coneflowers

I need to get some 12" x 12" flower paintings done for my upcoming show schedule.  I juried in to some shows with just flowers so I need to make sure I have enough to fill my booth! 

So this is a fun 12" x 12" with a creek, waterfall, poppies and hollyhocks.

I start with the darks and work to the light values.
I block in the greens and turquoise of the water on the creek.
I paint in the light of the sky last.  Lightening a dark is much easier than trying to make a light dark!  In fact, it is impossible to darken a light!
I start to add the details of the flowers - poppies, lilies, sunflowers, and coneflowers.  I add the white water to the waterfall in the creek.  I continue to work over the entire surface of the painting from teh background to the foreground and back again.
Here is the finished painting:  
"Poppies and Coneflowers", 12" x 12", oil on panel, c. 2016, by Charlene Marsh

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