Friday, May 27, 2016

051316 S 24x36 Green Grotto

I have done this painting in smaller versions and always wanted to paint it larger.  The painting started as a 12" x 16", plein air piece done on location in the forest but I was dissatisfied with the result.  Months later, I went back into the painting and simplified the shapes and colors and popped in the bright, citrine green that really "made" the painting. 

So for this larger version, I start with a sketch and then jump right into painting with the darks of the shale rock where the creek falls over the soft stone. I mix cerulean blue with cadmium red medium with a touch of cadmium yellow light to get the dark shale color.
Then I start to block in the darker greens of the forest foliage using various combinations of ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow light.
Okay, I'll admit, I got so entranced working on the painting, I forgot to take anymore pictures.  I was also working into the night and have found photos don't turn out too good at night with the artificial lighting.  

But I will tell you that the bright green is mixed using just the right ratio of cerulean blue and cadmium yellow light and titanium white to get that brilliant, eye popping color.  
I wasn't too sure how the painting would work in the larger format but was absolutely thrilled with the result.  The painting really captures in a visceral way the deep and luminous greens of the forest.  

Here is the finished painting, "Green Grotto", 24" x 36", oil on panel, c. 2016, by Charlene Marsh.
Thanks for following along!  

Happy Trails!

Charlene Marsh

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