Tuesday, May 24, 2016

051616 S 24x36 Gorgeous Flowers

Here's a brand new painting I created for my upcoming shows.

On the right you can see photos of paintings I have painted in the past both "en plein air" and in the studio that I am using for reference and inspiration for this painting.  I made a small pencil sketch in a sketchpad of the basic layout of the painting before I got started.
After drawing the design of the painting on the panel using a brush dipped in cold pressed linseed oil and primary red magenta, I start to block in the darkest darks of the forest and pools.
I start to add the middle values of the greens, earth, and flowers.
I continue blocking in the "ground" of the scene.  I add the sky and the sky reflected in the pools.  For the colors close to the horizon line, I mix the sky colors from Titanium White, Cadmium Red Light, and a touch of Cadmium Yellow to indicate a sky changing colors as dusk approaches.  The upper part of the sky is painted using Cerulean Blue and Titatnium White.  Both sky colors are blended for the transition.  Some of the warmer, sunset colors are added to the pools.
I usually like to cover the entire panel with wet paint before I start to go in with the details.  I start popping in the poppies and other flowers in the landscape.
I continue adding flowers and branches and other details working the entire surface, working both the background and the foreground at once.
Leaves and lilies and more details are added.  Sharp edges are softened as needed.
More tweaking and fine tuning.  I often stand back 10-20 feet from the painting to see how it is coming together.  Sometimes I just sit in front of the painting, studying to see what it might need, making a dash of paint here and a dash there. 
And here is the competed painting, "Gorgeous Flowers", oil on panel, 24" x 36", c. 2016, by Charlene Marsh.  SOLD

Thanks for following along! 

Happy Trails!


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