Monday, July 31, 2017

Geneva Art Fair 2017

I've done the Geneva Art Fair in Geneva, Illinois, in Chicagoland, held July 22-23, several times and returned again in 2017.  This is a lovely show in a beautiful village along the Fox River, west of Chicago, that only allows original artworks to be exhibited and sold -- no reproductions permitted.  This juried show is very high quality with many exhibitors coming from all over the country to participate.  One lady near me came from Toronto, Canada.  The steady crowd is sophisticated and interested in fine art.

The show is put on by the Chamber of Commerce and promoter, Erin Melloy, oversees the event.  She does a great job!  Everyone has a roomy booth space with a walkway on each side large enough to hang artwork on the outer walls. 
I had painted some new small paintings that I display on mini easels on a pedestal in the booth that were very popular with young and old alike.  I also had the new "homeless shelter dog portraits" which were very popular as well with many people wanting their own pet's portrait painted. 
The weather was wonderful all weekend until the very last hour on Sunday.   While it was hot (hey, it is, after all, July!) the rain that threatened held off for most of the weekend.  But at 4 p.m. Sunday, black storm clouds roiled in and let loose a deluge of rain.  The rain came so hard and so fast, that I was quickly ankle deep in water in my booth.  I ended up kicking off my nice sandals and just going barefoot.  I'm surprised I didn't see any fish swimming around my feet!

The wind was so strong that part of the display for a landscaping company in the intersection blew over.  Packing up "wet" means getting everything out on Monday to wash and dry.  And I mean everything.  I even unpacked tubs of gear to make sure everything was dried out.  Luckily, the paintings came through unscathed.

Thanks for tuning in.

Happy Trails!




  1. I saw photos of that storm! Yikes! Hope all your work was ok :)

    1. Yes, thankfully, my paintings were fine. Haven't talked to you in ages! Hope you are doing well!