Friday, July 28, 2017

Lake Lemon Beach on the Fourth of July 070417 12x16

I wanted to paint the beach at Lake Lemon on the Fourth of July hoping it would be bustling with activity and it was!

I drove out to the lake along South Shore Drive, along the causeway, to get to Riddle Point Park where the beach is located on the west end of the lake.  On the way, I spotted a Great Blue Heron, always a good sign!  Herons represent "aggressive self determination" and "self reliance" with their ability to balance and wade on their long, thin legs.  
I scoped out the beach area for a good vantage to paint from and set up my easel.  You can see in the photos where boats, mostly pontoons and jet skis, pull into and park in the beach area.  Lake Lemon limits the size of the motor so it is a pretty quiet, mellow lake.
 I started with the dark green of the trees on the opposite shore.
Then blocked in the sky and water.

At this point, my cell phone appeared to have a dead battery, despite being fully charged when I headed to the beach, because the screen was black.  I couldn't see anything and couldn't take anymore pictures.  When I got home, I did some research and discovered that the bright sunlight made the screen appear dark and that there is a daylight setting on the phone to brighten the screen under these conditions.  So, in future endeavors I will know to brighten the screen to keep taking progress shots in sunny conditions.  

So, no more progress shots but here is the finished painting:

"Fourth of July at the Lake Lemon Beach", plein air oil on panel, 12" x 16", Code #070417 12x16, by Charlene Marsh.


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