Monday, January 18, 2016

Frame Suppliers for the Artist and Collector

Frames are the bugaboo for an artist.  The challenge is selecting a frame that best complements a painting while satisfying a wide variety of tastes and decorator ideas of the collector while balancing the budget.  And finding suppliers that actually have frames in stock!  So many are back ordered for six months or more.  That is an unacceptable wait time either for the collector or the exhibiting artist.  

Here's a list of frame suppliers to suit a wide variety of needs.  Many serve both the wholesale and retail markets.  Wholesale only are listed towards the end. I'll continue to add to this list as I learn of new suppliers.
  1.  This company serves both wholesale and retail customers.  Good quality frames at good prices.
  2.  Serves artists and collectors.  Carries a beautiful Tuscany linen frame with a touch of gold I am in love with.  Popped this painting sample in it to see how it looked.  The proportions aren't right but I get an idea of how it would look with this painting.  I'm salivating.  Yum.
  3.   Affordable frames and art supplies.  For artists and collectors.
  4.  "Affordable, classy frames".  For the artist and collector.
  5.  Shadow box and floater frames.  For the artist and collector.
  6.  Quality plein air frames for the collector and artist.   
  7.  Floater frames for paintings.  For the artist and collector. 
  8.   Wholesale and retail art supplies and frames.  Free shipping if you meet  minimum order requirements.
  9.   This is a wholesale club with a membership fee and is best for artists who buy a quantity of frames and art supplies.  The catch is that the shipping fees can eat up any discount.  The same people own ASW and Jerry's (which often offers free shipping) so I usually compare the deals at both sites before placing an order.
  10.  Wholesale only.  Very good quality.  Check to see what they have in stock.
  11.  Frames for the wholesale market.  Lots of plein air styles to choose from.
  12.  Wholesale only. Very high quality, beautiful frames.  Frame moulding lengths or chopped and joined.  Regional delivery with their own vans - great for large frames that tend to get damaged with commercial shippers.  Based in Chicago and New York.
  13. Wholesale only.  Large selection of moulding (chopped and joined, if needed) from many suppliers.  Regional delivery with their own vehicles - great for large frames that tend to get damaged with commercial shippers.  They are based in Birmingham, AL.  
  14.  Just discovered this supplier and I still need to check them out but they have some different styles I haven't seen but have been looking for.
  15. This company, based in Indianapolis, caters to art galleries, frame shops, artists, photographers, interior designers, decorators, and art consultants.  You must have a tax ID number to purchase from them.
  16. www.San Diego Frame   This is a wholesale company of ready made and custom frames based in California. They own the factory across the border in Mexico and can custom make whatever you want.  They make the mouldings and can finish the frames to your specifications.  High quality.
Please let me know if you have a supplier with good, quality frames that I can add to this list.

Thanks for tuning in! 


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this list!
    And your painting would look good in any frame - it is so beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Chris! Hope this list helps. Many of the suppliers sell mouldings as well as ready mades so if someone can do the chop and join themselves - or hire someone local to do it - that may be a good solution, too.

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