Sunday, January 31, 2016

Late Afternoon in the Snowy Forest Code #012116 12x12

Painted this on a really cold, snowy day - temperatures in the mid-20s all day with some sun and light, thin clouds.  I painted it between 3-6 p.m., finishing in the twilight hour.

"Late Afternoon in the Snowy Forest, January 21, 2016", oil on panel, 12" x 12", c. Charlene Marsh

I forgot to take my camera phone when I headed out to paint in the forest so I don't have any photos of the painting as it progressed.  I'll admit, I am not a big cell phone carrier or user.  In fact, I had an old Tracfone cell phone operating on the 1G network and was perfectly happy as long as it could dial 911 or AAA.  

Well, last September, when my cargo van broke down in downtown Chicago on a Sunday morning at a show, I found out that my phone was dropping calls with AAA and the garage, cutting out, and generally, NOT doing it's job!  

Four days later, I was heading to a show in Alexandria, Virginia and needed a phone that works!  So I upgraded to a Tracfone compatible Samsung Android Stardust smartphone I picked up on the fly at Best Buys for $100.  The best feature is the camera!  I love it!  

After I got back from Virginia, I found out the phone could be found on the internet for $50 so I went back to Best Buys and got a $50 refund for their "price match guarantee"!  Great deal!  The reviews for the phone were all really good so I totally lucked out!  

Now, I just need to remember to pack it in the breast pocket of my winter coat when I am heading out to the woods. And remember to UNPACK it before throwing my coat in the washing machine!  Yeah, learned the hard way

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