Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wet Panel Carrier Boxes

Someone recently asked:

"This is very amazing, how you create "en plein air".  I have a question, though.  Since you use oils, how do you transport your beautiful work back home without smudging, smearing, or downright destroying it?  Looking forward to your answer."

Great question!  I have special carrying boxes made by Raymar that have slots to slide the wet panels into for safe return home.  They come in all sizes and I have most, if not all, of them. The boxes are made with a water repellent foam core type board with air cells and are very sturdy and lightweight.

Each box can carry several panels but the weight will add up.  I only carry what I want to use on that painting expedition.  Many artists use the boxes while traveling and fill them up.  
A well used Raymar box.
I also just bought a new kind of carrier, ezPak, from, that is a thin wood frame with a 1/4" thick dividing rabbet.  Two wet paintings, face to face, can be carried.

ezPak wet panel carrier

I also made an 18" x 24" carrier myself from foam core because no one makes a box that big.
18" x 24", Artist made box.

18" x 24", Artist made box, open, with a panel inside.  Kelty backpack in the background.

Many of the boxes and frame carriers can accommodate more than one size. 
For example, a 12" x 16" box, being 12" wide, can also carry 12" x 12" or  9" x 12" panel.  Raymar came out with a 9" x 12" box that is smaller since it is a popular plein air painting size and reduces the bulk and weight of using a 12" x 16" box. 

The smaller panels and carrying boxes will fit inside my Kelty backpack while the bigger ones I carry by the strap slung over my neck and shoulders. 

Some pochades also come with slots on the backside for carrying wet panels but I prefer a separate box for the panels.  The slots can be limiting and add extra weight to the pochade.

I'd love to hear if anyone has experience with a different kind of carrier.  I know there are some other brands out there  that are more suited to specific needs like getting your paintings home when traveling by plane.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and many blessings in 2016!  


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  1. Hi, I'm in Australia and the postage to get a Raymar box here is huge. I was thinking of making my own 16x20" box, and wondered what you used for tracks in your large box? Thanks for the post.

    1. I just taped thin pieces of the foam core onto the side wall to make the tracks. Thanks for asking!

  2. Oh, that is such a great solution! Thanks again for your help Charlene.

  3. You're welcome! Glad to help. Happy painting!