Monday, May 22, 2017

Lilly, 051817 S 12x12

UPDATE:  Lilly has been ADOPTED!

Lilly, a cattle dog/pit bull mix, is another painting in my Homeless Shelter Dogs series featuring dogs up for adoption at the local Brown County Humane Society.  Everyone recognizes Lilly by her "one ear up" that makes her absolutely adorable and unique!

Lilly's features are particularly delicate with lots of light golds and pinks.  So the darks were minimal from the get-go.  Just a little black around her eyes, nose, mouth, and ear shadow.   
I mixed a wide variety of values of golds and pinks and oranges for her fur.  I took these photos while working at night so the color is a bit wonky.
I mixed up various shades and values of violet, the complementary color to yellow and gold for shadow areas.  Yellow and violet work well together to mix a wide range of hues and values that include the ethereal gray neutrals that lean either to gold or purple.  I used white with a touch of the violets for her white muzzle.
I mixed up more violets for the background color to contrast and pop against the predominant golds of her fur.  At times, I may turn the panel on it's side or upside down to be able to more easily manipulate the paint the way I want it to go.  I was able to paint the negative space next to her left side by turning the panel sideways to slide the palette knife along the edge of her face.
Her eyes are very wistful and I had to get them just right to capture her expression.  Final details like her whiskers and muzzle fur are added last.  Here is the finished painting:
"Lilly, cattle dog/pit bull mix", homeless shelter dog, oil, 12" x 12", Code #051817S 12x12, c. 2017 by Charlene Marsh. Lilly has been ADOPTED!

Thanks for reading about the homeless shelter dogs.  Please contact the Brown County Humane Society if you would like to adopt any of the dogs featured in my paintings or visit your local shelter to find that special new member for your family.  

Luckily, I just learned that several dogs featured in my paintings have been adopted so I will keep the blogs updated as I receive new information.   

Happy Trails!



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