Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thunder, 051617 S 12x12

Update:  Thunder has been ADOPTED!

Thunder is a homeless, catahoula leopard dog looking for his forever family at the Brown County Humane Society in Nashville, Indiana.  This painting is part of a series of portraits of homeless dogs available for adoption.  They have so much expression on their hopeful, sometimes sad, faces!

I start with a drawing on a pre-tinted panel and then mix up a black with Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Red Medium and block in the dark values.
I mix lighter values adding more red and yellow and a touch of white to paint in the brindle markings.  I use a hue with a bit more blue for his nose and shadow in the white areas on his neck.
I add the light pink to his muzzle using a mix of Primary Red-Magenta and Titanium White.
For the white on his muzzle and the stripe on his face, I use Titanium White with a tiny bit of yellow and red to make a warm white hue. 
Finally, I paint in his beautiful, sleepy eyes using Cadmium Yellow Light, a tad of Cadmium Red Medium all mixed with a touch of Ultra Blue.  A speck of white in the corners of his eyes is the finishing touch to get his expressive look.  For the background, I use the Ultra Blue and Cadmium Red mix, heavier on the blue that helps unify the entire painting
"Thunder, Catahoula Leopard Dog", homeless dog series, oil on panel, 12" x 12", Code #051617 S 12x12, c. 2017 by Charlene Marsh.

You can adopt Thunder from the Brown County Humane Society in Nashville, Indiana.  Plan to attend the Dawg Gone Walk and Fiesta on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  
Update:  Thunder has been ADOPTED!

Thanks so much for following along!

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