Sunday, May 14, 2017

Simon, Black Lab, 051217 S 12x12

Update:  Simon has been ADOPTED!

This painting of Simon, is part of a series of paintings of homeless shelter dogs and is available for adoption at the Brown County Humane Society, Nashville, Indiana.  Shelters often report that black dogs languish, overlooked and unadopted.  I am hoping this painting shows some of the personality and uniqueness of a "plain black dog".   Yes, I am guilty  of using that phrase once when someone brought me a black dog.  My first comment was, "She's rather plain."  But I kept her anyway and loved her for 13-14 years.  I have had many plain, black dogs ever since, over the years.  I hope that people will take a look at the dog's personality and joie de vivre and give them a chance.  I think Simon is the perfect ambassador for the job.
Here's my set up ready to start painting.  I have already drawn Simon on a pre-tinted panel.
 I start with all that black fur in the shadow areas.  I use the palette knife to "carve" out the fur and give it texture.
A lighter value is mixed with Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and/or Primary Red-Magenta, with Titanium White and used for highlights on the black fur.
I mixed up a hue with more red in it to shift it to violet.  I add the nose and tongue.  For the tongue, I used three values of the Primary Red-Magenta, a rather transparent color, mixed up using Titanium White.

For the eyes, I mixed a golden brown using Cadmium Yellow Light with a touch of violet.  I also used a golden brown with a touch more red in it and mixed a black pupil.  The highlight to his soft eyes used a very light violet mixed with Cerulean Blue and Magenta.
I added the background using the golden and violet colors that I had used on Simon's fur and eyes only with more white added.  I continued fine tuning the details in his fur and shadows.

Here's the final painting:
"Simon, Black Labrador", homeless shelter dog, oil on panel, 12" x 12", Code #051217 S 12x12, c. 2017 by Charlene Marsh.

If you can give Simon a good home he is currently available for adoption at the Brown County Humane SocietyUpdate:  Simon has been ADOPTED!

Thanks so much!



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