Monday, November 14, 2016

101116 S 24x36 "Autumn Reflections"

With the colors turning quickly now, I wanted to capture the fall in a 24" x 36" painting.  I set up an "inspiration board" with past paintings that you can see on the right side of the picture.  I started with an initial sketch, the "bones" of the painting,  using the Primary Red Magenta which is a transparent color. 

I start to block in the darkest darks of the painting.  I usually start with the darks and work to the lights.  Much easier to lighten a dark than darken a light!
I start to flesh in the "muscles" or "earth" of the painting.  The distance hills are painted in a more muted, cooler tone. 
The hills that are closer are painted with a more brilliant red. 
I have worked to the lighter colors at this point and blocked in the muted orange of the creek reflection, the flowing water of the creek, and the sky.
For both the sky and the creek, I use Cerulean Blue mixed with Titanium White. I finish blocking in the sky adding some highlights to the creek.
I start adding the trees and tree reflections in the creek.
Branches and leaves are added, working over the entire surface.I continue adding details.
Final touches are added to make sure features in the foreground pop forward and background features sit back.  

Here is the finished painting:
"Autumn Reflections", Code #101116 24x36, oil on panel, 24" x 36", by Charlene Marsh.

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