Wednesday, November 23, 2016

102816 16x12 Autumn in the Forest

This painting was done on location on a lovely fall day.  The afternoon was clear and sunny but turns chilly as the sun goes down.  This painting was done 4-7 p.m.  I found a nice vantage spot to paint from along my regular two mile trail and set up "camp". 

I tie  my jacket around my waist when hiking out to the site so that I don't get too warm and too sweaty. And end up chilled!
I hang it on a tree until I cool down and need to wear it. Kendra has taken up her position nearby -- you can see her to the left, center -- look for the speck of her orange collar.
I try to aim my easel so there is no direct sun on it.  I really don't like using an umbrella for the sun and avoid using it if I can.
I sketch out the scene, the "lay of the land", with transparent magenta dipped in oil.
I started to "carve" out the land with the paint beginning with the darks of the earth surrounding the creek.
I start to add the lighter background values and sky reflected on the creek.
Kendra is supervising my progress.
This is the end of the painting but the photo doesn't really capture how dark it was getting at this point -- except for the fuzzy photo in the low light. I was walking home in the dark.

"Autumn in the Forest, October 28, 2016", plein air oil on panel, 16" x 12", c. Charlene Marsh

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Happy Trails!


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